My wife’s best friend kept skinny-shaming her so I told her to eat a salad’


It’s fair to say that over the last few years we’ve come to learn a lot more about body shaming, and how it’s never okay to judgemental about another person’s size, whether they’re a size 8 or a size 18.

Just as we know it’s not okay to tell someone they’re “too fat,” we’ve also come to learn that calling someone “too skinny,” is not a compliment, nor is it acceptable.

So, you can understand how one man grew increasingly frustrated, after hearing his wife being body-shamed by her so-called best friend, who repeatedly tells her to put on weight and “eat a burger”.

“My wife has a friend that she has had since high school. In high school they were both around 105 lbs, however since then the friend has gained an excessive amount of weight and is closer to 200 to 215 pounds,” he explained on Reddit’s Am I The A**hole forum.

“My wife is very health conscious and always works out so even though she is in her mid-30s she still looks around 19 to 20 years old and is very toned and fit and only weighs around 120 pounds.”

He went on to say that every time they see this friend, she tells the need to tell his wife that she’s “too skinny” and “needs to eat a burger,” which upsets his wife and leaves him feeling p* off.

The couple, across the country several years ago, recently had the friend come to stay with them, and while they were excited to see each other, it wasn’t long before the skinny-shaming comments started coming in thick and fast.

“After we picked her up from the airport we stopped for lunch and as soon as we sat down she pointed to the burger section and told my wife she should order something from there,” he continued.

“As soon as she said it I pointed out that they have several salad options and she should really consider ordering one. Now everyone is p* at me.”

The man turned to Reddit to question whether two wrongs do, in fact, make a right, and the general consensus was absolutely not…

“So your response to her friend making inappropriate comments about your wife’s weight and eating habits is to make your own inappropriate comment about her friends weight and eating habits?” one Reddit user commented.

Meanwhile another added: “I was thinking you’re the a**hole until I read it thoroughly. If she doesn’t want unsolicited diet advice, she really should stop dishing it. If your wife has told her ‘friend’ these comments are hurtful and she’s kept it up for years.”

Moral of the story? Let’s all just stop commenting on each other’s weight, big or small.